Engineering Internships Spring 2021


  • Recruiting new facilitators for the Supplemental Instruction team for Fall 2021.
  • 20-25 open positions for undergraduates

  • Contact: Jessica Fielder (she/her/hers) Supplemental Instruction Program Director

  • If you'd like to book a one-on-one meeting, see my availability here:


BART Summer Engineering Internship 2021


Job Posting #8689 BART Summer Engineering Internship 2021 has been posted. 


The San Francisco UPS Building and System Engineering (BASE) department is looking for someone from the engineering field to work and learn with UPS. They are currently looking for people to work with the BASE team to protect UPS assets including buildings, equipment, and grounds. He/she will be responsible for dispatching mechanics, inventory control and ordering spare parts, supervising housekeeping activities. He/she will also participate in environmental, regulatory, safety and health compliance activities.


CIWI is a sponsored project of community initiatives a privately funded initiative to target young urban adults from lower income households, many that a re first generation bay area college students.  The program is committed to providing career development opportunities for students with an interested in construction, real estate development,  architecture and engineering, civil engagement and urban design. If you are interested please fill out the survey-monkey! 

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