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Ethics Presentation presented by Dr. Jenna Wong

Updated: May 3, 2021

On April 9th, 2021 at 1-2pm, Dr. Jenna Wong, one of SF State's faculty, explained the importance of engineers' ethical and social responsibility to themselves, their clients, and society. During the meeting, participants were introduced a case study and participated in a small activity with breakout rooms. Within each breakout rooms, participants had the option to choose either being a structural engineer or a fabricator representative. They had to come to an agreement if they would accept the modifications of the case study and most groups led to the decision of not accepting the modifications because the fabricator has not done any structural analysis on the proposed changed and we need to have the structural analysis checked for the safety of the public rather than wanting to receive the extra bonus. The case study was based on a real story, which is why double checking and putting safety at the very top of the list of any project will make everyone happy.

Scroll down below to see the case study and conclusions of an engineer's ethical and social responsibility!

If you may have missed our meeting, don't worry! Please feel free to check out the small activity slides and a recorded video of the meeting down below!


Check out the small activity slides here:

Check out the recording here:

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