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Fall 2021 Second General Meeting

On Wednesday, October 13th, 2021, at 6-7pm, the officers hosted their second general meeting of Fall 2021 semester! We started off by speaking about our mission statement and goals for this semester, recapped some of our amazing events we had in September and October, brought up many interesting upcoming events we have this semester, had a few announcements, and we are open to shadowees for next semester. We currently have two sophomores, Edgar De Anda and Julianna Enriquez, shadowing us in our weekly cabinet meeting on Mondays at 8am and weekly Outreach meeting on Wednesday at 8am! If you are interested in shadowing, learning about our club, or learning the important roles of each officer, please feel free to email us at !

If you may have missed our meeting, don't worry! Please feel free to check out our meeting slides and a recorded video of the meeting down below.


Not pictured with everyone: Bilguun Khishigbat, Declan Fernandez, John Choate, Jordan Castro, and Max Rybold

Check out the second general meeting slides here:

Check out the recorded video of the meeting here:

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