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Kimley-Horn Hybrid Event Collab with SHPE

On Monday, March 28th, 2022, at 5-6pm, we collaborated with SHPE introducing Kimely-Horn! Members got to meet and learn about Kimely-Horn! They met at Hensill Hall Room 801 or on Zoom! The seminar highlighted what KH does as a company in the engineering field, and they talked about the interdisciplinary skill sets within the company through their various industries of work (environmental, transportation, aviation, etc.). A young new KH hire was there as well and shared her experience going from undergrad at a CSU to industry, which was a great relatable POV for students to get.

If you may have missed our meeting, don't worry! Please feel free to check out a recorded video of the meeting down below.


Number of Attendees: 15; 10 on zoom and 5 in person

Check out the recorded video of the meeting here:

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