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Navigating your Major: For Students by Students

Updated: May 5, 2021

On April 28th, 2021 at 5pm, our current officers, Jade Zaleski and Yarely Sanchez, hosted an event to help students navigate through their major with the help of Dr. Jenna Wong and two graduate students, Esteban Morales and Jenika McClay. They guided us with tips on how we can choose classes through Gator Scheduler and explained more about the SFSU Scholars Program, such as if you would like to earn your Master's Degree in 5 years (this program is applicable to specific majors, so feel free to visit: for more information, this program is preparing to open more disciplines within Civil Engineer Major and maybe other majors within the School of Engineering, so please watch out for more updates). They also mentioned how we should be prepared to pick classes, plan out our schedule for the following semesters, and meet with an advisor to help you on the right route in graduating on time. We are planning to host more events similar to this event in the future to help you during your time at SFSU, so please come on by!

If you may have missed our meeting, don't worry! Please check below for the meeting slides and a recorded video of the meeting.


Check out the meeting slides here:

Check out the recording here:

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