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SWE X ASCE: Cahill Contractors Meet & Greet

On Thursday, October 28th, 2021, at 5-6pm, SWE (Society of Women Engineers Student Chapter at SFSU) was really excited to collaborate with ASCE on an amazing event with Cahill Contractors! SFSU students were able to learn about what Cahill is and what they do as a company. Cahill also has summer openings for Project Engineer Interns for Summer 2022! You will be able to do hands-on work with one of their current/future projects around the Bay Area! Thank you again for SWE in collaborating with ASCE and we look forward to working on more events together in the future!

Link to apply for the Project Engineer Internship for Summer 2022 is here!

They are not looking for any full-time position to be filled at the moment, but if you are interested in Cahill and would like to apply for a future full-time position that is to open up in the future, please feel free to email Megan Lamberti at to get updates and connect!

If you may have missed our meeting, don't worry! Please feel free to check out a recorded video of the meeting down below.


Not pictured with everyone: Christian Santiago, Declan Fernandez, John Choate, Joyce Bulatao, Samantha Ramirez, and Yarely Sanchez

Check out the recorded video of the meeting here:

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