Engineering Scholarships 2021

Scholarships and Resources for Hispanic and LatinX Students!

Hispanic and Latinx students looking for a college education should keep a sharp eye out for scholarships and resources that can make a difference. Find some of today’s best financial, education, and advocacy resources for Hispanics and Latinxs in 2021.

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Deadline to apply varies for each scholarship!

NPCA Scholarship!

Each academic year, National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) offers scholarships up to $500 for teams participating in ASCE’s Concrete Canoe National Competition. The scholarship is to help teams offset the costs associated with canoe construction and travel.

Details and application here

Deadline to apply is October 30!


The Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship is a cash award, currently $3,000 per award, that provides an incentive to undergraduate students enrolled in U.S. universities and colleges with recognized engineering programs to choose NDT/NDE as their field of specialization.

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Deadline to apply is December 15!