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Fall 2021 - Membership is free!
Head on over to sign up at GatorXperience

Following Instructions is on pause through Fall 2021

Screen Shot 2020-02-17 at 1.36.26 AM.png



1. Click the following link to be directed to student org payment, or scroll down


2. Click on the ‘Submit Student Org Payment’ button.


3. Next to ‘Price” please fill in the appropriate amount you would like to submit to the student organization ($5 for the semester, & $10 for the year). 


4. Next to ‘Student Org Fund#’ please type (ASCE UCorp # “U1061”).


5. Next to ‘Description of Transaction’ please type “ASCE Membership dues”.


6. Fill in the first name, last name for

this payment to the student organization.

7. Add to basket and checkout

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