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Student Spotlight

Ada Wu

Summer Internship @ Cahill Contractors & CIWI

Ada Wu

I was a Safety Intern for Cahill Contractors, . I got my internship through Construction Industry Workforce Initiative (CIWI, ). I learned that there is more to Safety than the safety rules in school, in a classroom, at home, and etc. I loved following the Safety Team on multiple Cahill job sites and seeing how buildings are built differently. Even though I am out on the job site a lot, I got to do some office work, such as printing, copying, laminating, Bluebeam, permits, incidents, and more! One takeaway from my whole experience was being able to build relationships with the employees I see in the office (trailer) and on/off the job site. As a CIWI intern, I learned about civic sustainability and engaged with other interns and CIWI in events, such as speaking with guest speakers, homework, and USGBC/Green Associates study!

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